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Facebook Email Addresses Now Listed By Default
[2012-06-28] If you have a Facebook email address, but you don't really use it - you're probably not alone. If you never even knew you had a Facebook email address - you're still probably not alone.

Recognizing E-mail As The Marketing Powerhouse It Is
[2010-04-01] Arthur Hughes (author of Strategic Database Marketing) and Anna Lu of presented on predictive modeling for e-mail marketing. Arthur has been developing databases for database marketing for 30 years or so. Initially he focused on databases but found that people could not use them to make money and that led him to his focus on database marketing.

Email Safe From Google Wave
[2009-10-14] To hear some people tell it, email - and therefore email marketing - is facing yet another threat on its life. They think Google Wave will revolutionize the way people contact each other and replace older forms of communication. Or it won't, as some stats and early reviews indicate.

Using Aggressive Sales Strategies For Email Avertising
[2009-05-12] Do aggressive marketing practices repel you? Or make you more likely to buy? Is it a cultural thing? For example, does hard sell work in some cultures, but not others? Dear Friend...... ;)

Integrating Email Marketing With Social Media
[2009-04-29] More marketers plan to integrate their email campaigns with social media in 2009, according to new a survey from Ball State University, the Email Marketer's Club and ExactTarget.

Engaging Your Reader In Traditional Email Advertising
[2009-04-15] A few weeks ago a client generously told me that they valued my contribution because I was trying to, ‘do good stuff'. 'In fact', his colleague added lightheartedly, 'you are our outbound spam filter'. The remark was clearly intended as a compliment but initially I was confused. The client's company was not to my knowledge a great user of low-down spamming techniques.

Lightspeed, IAB Speak To Email Marketing's Usefulness
[2009-04-01] Today's April 1st, and given all the wacky stuff going on (Google alone has cooked up half a dozen decent jokes), it's possible you'll get taken in by a prank or two today. But here's evidence that you're no fool: a recent study by Lightspeed Research and the Internet Advertising Bureau confirmed that email advertising is a good way to reach consumers.

E-mail Is Still Attractive To Internet Marketers
[2009-03-18] With Internet marketers putting the squeeze on budgets the search for the magic bullet to attract new customers continues. MediaPost gives some insight on a Merkle report that says that e-mail still is attractive to marketers but the perception from those on the receiving end may be changing as well.

E-mail Is A Potential Marketing Powerhouse
[2009-03-05] Arthur Hughes (author of Strategic Database Marketing) and Anna Lu of presented on predictive modeling for e-mail marketing. Arthur has been developing databases for database marketing for 30 years or so. Initially he focused on databases but found that people could not use them to make money and that led him to his focus on database marketing.

Start-up Offers Better Email Management
[2009-02-18] Ukrainian start-up, SenderOK has launched a system that offers better email management by streamlining the process.

Providing Viewers With A Call To Action
[2009-01-26] How many times have you received a batch of emails waiting for you on a Monday morning, and you either skim quickly through them or delete them without even opening them? Don't worry - you're not alone.

Email Marketing Essentials For Any New Year
[2009-01-14] For whatever reason, it seems that most people feel an urge to reassess their lives and businesses every January. That's not necessarily a bad habit, though, and anyone who's not already set in their ways may appreciate some email marketing tips for 2009 that StreamSend has provided.

Increasing Your Email Subscription Rates
[2008-12-17] Despite all the junk mail filters and over-zealous ISP firewalls, email marketing still offers some of the best return on investment. But how can you benefit from this low-cost marketing effort if you can't get more than a couple of new subscribers a month?

Companies Look to Email to Increase Customer Engagement
[2008-12-01] The third annual Online Customer Engagement Report-produced by online publisher E-consultancy and digital agency cScape-is now available, and examines the likely impact of a worsening economic environment on customer behavior and psychology.

Successes And Failings Of List Building
[2008-11-12] With more marketers who've traditionally relied on Pay Per Click, Social MEdia and Search Engine Optmization jumping on the listbuilding bandwagon, trying to start up a newsletter and get readers and visitors to opt-in to a mailing list, it's a positive, yet at the same time negative trend for the industry.

Email Marketing is Stronger then Social Media Marketing
[2008-10-29] Is email marketing better than marketing through social networks? Yes, according to a new study from ExactTarget and Ball State University's Center for Media Design. The study reveals that:

Optimizing Email Deliverability
[2008-10-14] As a follow-up to my post about the importance of reputation in email marketing, I interviewed Spencer Kollas, director of delivery services at StrongMail, about the latest technology solutions to manage reputation and optimize deliverability.

Email Deliverability: Turning Prospects into Revenue
[2008-10-06] B2B marketers struggling for growth in today's economy know they need to get maximum results for their email marketing efforts, but too many do not understand the critical role deliverability plays in the process of turning prospects into revenue-driving customers.

Improve the Effectiveness of Email Marketing
[2008-09-26] Here are several excerpts from a post to the Email Insider blog by David Baker, IAB Issues Email Data Management Best Practices:

Unfavorable Email Marketing Tactics
[2008-09-05] A marketing email from Dell caught my eye amongst all the inbox content because of the subject line: "Was it something we said?"

Advertisers Beware of Yahoo Search Marketing Phishing Email Scams
[2008-06-18] Recently, I received an email that turned out to be what Search Engine Roundtable has termed as Yahoo! Search Marketing Phishing Email Scam.

Tips For Better B2B Email Marketing
[2008-05-14] Stefan Tornquist from MarketingSherpa and I recently hosted a webinar all about helping marketers increase the results from their B2B email marketing campaigns.

Revamp Your Email Campaigns
[2008-04-30] You've created a company newsletter because it's part of the "business plan". Every month or so, you take a look at the deliverability and click-through rates. You know people actually open them. You also know your email marketing campaign needs work. It's just not as exhilarating as building your Twitter following or creating that Colbert Fan Club on Ning.

Live MarketingSherpa Webinar
[2008-04-07] When it comes to email marketing, B2B companies have unique needs that are not served by traditional email providers.

What To Do With Your Mailing List
[2008-03-26] One of my friends mentioned that he's built a list of 10,000 opt-in members into his mailing list within a period of 7 days... so what's he supposed to do now, he asks.